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A: This is probably the number one question that most people ask when they contact a surveyor for his services. Unfortunately there is no one answer that can fit all the different types of surveys requested and the situations that can be encountered in the course of providing the survey to the client. The surveyor must be provided with a legal description of the property to be surveyed and then based upon the circumstances that evolve in the course of analyzing the legal description a cost estimate for providing the survey can be derived.

A: Having a survey of your property and knowing where your property lines are will provide peace of mind and help to protect your property rights. If you are in the process of buying a parcel of land, having a survey of the property will ensure that you acquire ownership of the land that you are paying for. If, on the other hand you are selling a parcel of land, having a survey of the property will increase its value and marketability to potential buyers.

A: The cost of a survey is dependent upon a number of issues starting with the completeness and accuracy of the written legal description. Legal descriptions that are poorly written with inherent errors will not close mathematically and can lead to many time consuming questions for the surveyor and added expense for the owner. Field conditions that may be encountered in the process of gathering data and staking the property corners such as heavily wooded parcels, swampy terrain or extreme relief can also have an impact on the price of a survey. Sometimes in the course of gathering data in the field issues will be discovered that can lead to problems for the owner such as encroachments either by the subject parcel or the adjoining land owner. Bendzinski Land Surveying LLC will strive to minimize the cost of surveying by being mindful of the client’s needs and the agreed upon scope of services to be provided.

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